Friday, June 3, 2011

Outland Set the Second

This set is similar to the last one posted, but is the red version.  Sadly this set is significantly harder to attain, with the chest, gloves and pants for the primary variant requiring access to a tailor and a leatherworker.   It is however a visually striking set and in my opinion, well worth the trouble to obtain.

Bonechewer Shoulderguards: Random Drop BOE, Leather

Flameheart Vest: Tailoring BOE, Cloth
Primalstorm Breastplate: Leatherworking BOP, Leather

Flameheart Bracers : Tailoring BOE Cloth
Bracers of Havok: Tailoring BOE, Cloth
Illidari Bracers: BOE Drop, Ambassador Jerrikar, SMV Rare Mob, BOE Leather

Fel Leather Gloves: Leather Working, BOE Leather

Fel Leather Leggings: Leatherworking BOE, Leather

Fel leather Boots: Leather Working: BOE
The Master's Treads: BOE World Drop

An alternate look is to use Blacksting Gloves, a quest reward from Zangarmarsh (thanks to Kamaliaetalia for pointing out that these were not only Alliance side rewards!) .

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  1. Both of these sets, the red version and the blue version, are very pretty! I knew about some of the pieces, but not all of them.

    The Blacksting Gloves are available to both Horde and Alliance from quests with different names to kill the same big bug in Zangarmarsh. :)