Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red Vs Blue Go To Church

Today's offerings are a bit different from what I will normally be posting here.  These are NOT all that easy to assemble sets, one set, requires the character be a Priest that has access to T-1 drops and the other requires access to a tailor with some Burning Crusade era recipes; that bring about bittersweet memories of crafting epic gear during the "good ol days" and how much farming that entailed :P .

Note: While this will continue to be a female dwarf centric fashion blog, I will on occasion use other models I feel compliment some sets in a particular way.  This is the case today as the lovely Sin'dorei, Setanis Arkandil, is our guest model courtesy of the Verdant Circle Modeling Agency™, who models our first set.

This set, while capable of looking quite fetching on a variety of races and genders (As seen Here thanks to engineering malfunctions) to me just seems very appropriate for Blood Elven characters with it's rich scarlet, gold, and black accents.

Red and Gold Ecclesiastical Wear

Circlet of Prophecy:  Priest Tier 1, Drops from Garr in Molten Core.

Mantle Of Prophecy: Priest Tier 1, Drops from Sulferon Harbinger in Molten Core.

Gloves of the High Magus: Quest Reward, Shadow Moon Valley

Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes:  Drops from Kael'thas Sunstrider, Magister's Terrace (Heroic)

Gossamer Belt:  BOE World Drop

Infernoweave Boots: Purchasable from Geras in Shattrath City for 104 Justice Points.

Purple, Blue and Gold Ecclesiastical Wear
(note: No actual affiliation with the clergy is necessary for this outfit!)

Whitemend Hood: BOE, Tailoring, Pattern drops from Warp Splinter in The Botanica

An alternate look for this set is to use the Engineering only Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades  As seen here Here 


Flower Picker's Gloves: Quest Reward, Eastern Plaguelands


Gossamer Belt:  BOE World Drop

Black Mageweave Boots: Tailoring BOE

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gold and Silver

Today I am showcasing 2 sets from Eddara of Wyrmrest Accord.  These are mail and plate centric sets that keep nicely to a theme.

Golden Mail

Battleforge Armor, BOE World Drop

Red Linen Shirt: BOE. Tailoring


Swiftgear Belt: Quest Reward, Wetlands


Sparkleshell Sabatons: BOE World Drop

Battleforge Cloak: BOE World Drop

Right Hand
Reconstructed Sword: Quest Reward, Wetlands

Left Hand:
Battleforge Shield: BOE World Drop

This very attractive set set makes heavy use of the BOE Battleforge and Glimmering Mail sets, these drop in the mid to late 20s (I have seen the battleforge set drop moderately frequently in runs of Gnomeregan).  Both of these sets are quite nice looking, but depending on the vagaries of differing server's economies may be somewhat tricky to obtain via the auction house.

My personal variant of this set that I have been working on for a while and  is more Ironforge Centric ;) and swaps out the Battleforge Shield for the Royal Treasury Courier's Shield, an Ironforge Tabard, Battleforge Shoulderguards, Glimmering Mail Greaves and a Fel Iron Hatchet

Silver Knight's Colors

Crusader's Pauldrons: BOE World Drop

Overlord's Chestplate: BOE World Drop

Stylish Black Shirt: , Purchasable, Lisbeth Schneider, Stormwind

Overlord's Vambraces: BOE World Drop

Overlord's Gauntlets: BOE World Drop

Overlord's Girdle: BOE World Drop

Overlord's Legplates: BOE World Drop

Overlord's Greaves: BOE World Drop

Archivist Cape: BOP Drop, Instructor Galford, Stratholme

Tabard of the Argent Crusade: Argent Crusade faction vendor in Icecrown, requires friendly reputation status.

Left Hand:
Highlord's Favor: Quest Reward: Western Plaguelands

Right Hand:
Goblin Nutcracker: BOE World Drop

Here is an alternate Shoulder style utilizing Blackforge Pauldrons, BOE World Drop

Friday, June 24, 2011

So You Want to be a Necromancer...

Today's set is contributed by Emmberr of Wyrmrest Accord. This is a fetching Necromanceresque  set (could easily be used for cultist RP as well) that in its original incarnation is a Death Knight only variation as it makes use of the excellent looking Acherus Knight's Hood (we need more awesome looking cowl type hats Blizzard!).  However, other items can be swapped in that keep with the original look and feel of the costume.

Acherus Knight's Hood: Plate, part of the starting gear for Death Knights

Stoneform Shoulders: Plate, Drop from Kirtonos the Herald in Scholomance

Robes of Arugal:  Cloth, Drop from Baron Ashbury in Shadowfang Keep regular
Necropile Robes Cloth, (Sleeveless) Boss Drop Scholomance

Stylish Black Shirt: Purchaseable

Netherweave Gloves:  Cloth, Tailoring BOE
Silver-Thread Gloves: Cloth, level 23 random world drop

Black Mageweave Boots: Tailoring BOE

An alternate cloth-wearing-class friendly set in keeping with the spirit of the original

Nightsky Cowl: Cloth, BOE World Drop

Black Mageweave Shoulders:  Cloth, Tailoring BOE

Chest (For a slightly different look):
Black velvet Robe: BOE World Drop
Silver-Thread Robe: (sleeveless) BOE World Drop

Silver-Thread Sash: BOE World Drop.

The gloves, shirt, and boots are kept the same as the orignal set.

There are a variety of weapons and offhand combinations that work with this costume idea, from scythe style weapons such as the War Scythe or the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune to the more subtle combinations of a dagger (bonus points if one of the enchants with the dripping blood effect is applied ;) ) and a tome for the off hand.  It's a fun set for those of darker intent...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Outlands Set 3, Behold the Imperial Majesty Of Purple!

No not epics, but the beautiful hues of a dark purple set that thematically matches that of the last two entries.   There are also lots of mixing and matching that can be done with this theme with various other items which is neccessary as this is also a somewhat incomplete set lacking exact matches for the gloves, shoulder and shoe slots. The complete set is represented in game in several incarnations, namely the sneaky Blood Elf Bandit who wanders around Azuremyst Isle, but is unavailable to players as a complete set (and what I would do for a purple and gold version of the Blood Elf Bandit Mask! ).

Fully Matching Items

Raging Spirit Harness: Quest Reward, Hellfire Peninisula
Imbued Netherweave Tunic: Tailoring, BOE

Blackstrike Bracers: Tailoring, BOE (might be rather rare depending on your server)

Retainer's Leggings, Scryers Reputation Reward, Revered.
Imbued Netherweave Pants: Tailoring, BOE

Semi-sets that Complement this set nicely.

The Leatherworking Wild Draenish Boots and Gloves (BOE) are a decent addition to the set

Another nice complementary set is the Tailoring crafted Fireweave, Gloves, Boots, and Belt (boe)

Another nice Belt option is the Gossamer Belt, a low level 40s BOE world drop

The next post will highlight several user suggested outfits.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Outland Set the Second

This set is similar to the last one posted, but is the red version.  Sadly this set is significantly harder to attain, with the chest, gloves and pants for the primary variant requiring access to a tailor and a leatherworker.   It is however a visually striking set and in my opinion, well worth the trouble to obtain.

Bonechewer Shoulderguards: Random Drop BOE, Leather

Flameheart Vest: Tailoring BOE, Cloth
Primalstorm Breastplate: Leatherworking BOP, Leather

Flameheart Bracers : Tailoring BOE Cloth
Bracers of Havok: Tailoring BOE, Cloth
Illidari Bracers: BOE Drop, Ambassador Jerrikar, SMV Rare Mob, BOE Leather

Fel Leather Gloves: Leather Working, BOE Leather

Fel Leather Leggings: Leatherworking BOE, Leather

Fel leather Boots: Leather Working: BOE
The Master's Treads: BOE World Drop

An alternate look is to use Blacksting Gloves, a quest reward from Zangarmarsh (thanks to Kamaliaetalia for pointing out that these were not only Alliance side rewards!) .

Friday, May 27, 2011

The first of Three Distinctive Outfits from the Great Beyond

First off, an apology to my readers for a long lack of updates.  Real Life, new (well recycled) game content, and other factors have served to distract.

Today's post brings us to Outland.  A place that to many of us arguably brings to mind OP Boars that owned many of us during our first forrays into Hellfire Peninsula, endless Kara runs, and suits of outlandishly mismatched of armor that easily classified as clown suits.  However, buried amidst the crafted, reputation obtained, rare mob drops, and quest reward gear of the ruins of Draenor are some delightfully beautiful clothes.  The sets presented here appear to belong to the Blood Elven school of aesthetics, though, to me are not quite as brightly colored as some Blood Elven clothing ;)

One of my goals here is to promote easily obtainable set for the casual, average player to obtain in which to look good with.  The three sets that will make up this cycle of posts are a partial exception to that rule.  Most of these items are quest rewards many aqcuired early in Outlands questing chains and for most level capped characters may not be obtainable.  Some of the following sets will also include some crafted gear that is BOE or just plain bloody rare.  However, I think these sets are just too pretty to not expose to a greater audience.

The first complete set is mostly a leather set that is easily obtained by Alliance characters starting their Outland experience, but takes a little more work for Horde characters to obtain (but not impossible).

Spaulders of the Ring: Quest Reward, Nagrand

Lo'ap's Tunic of Muck Diving: Quest Reward, Nagrand

Demonslayer's Wrist Guards: Quest Reward, Hellfire Peninsula-Alliance
Windchanneller's Bindings: Random cloth drop from summoned elites in Skettis,

Caustic Feelers: Quest Reward, Nagrand -Alliance
Smuggler's Gloves: Quest Reward: Nagrand - Horde

Leggings of Telhamat: Quest Reward, Hellfire Peninsula-Alliance
Shattrath Leggings: Quest Reward, Netherstorm

Mud Encrusted Boots: Quest Reward, Zangarmarsh

An alternate look is to use a one of the many hand length black gloves (cloth and leather mostly) and to keep the bracers exposed. For this particular screen I used Royal Gloves a level 39 BOE Green drop.

Monday, April 25, 2011

So You Want To Be a Super Villain?

Today marks the first reader submitted RP costume for Fashion Dwarf.  Dascylus, a Worgen Death Knight from Argent Dawn, likes to masquerade as Lord Victor Nefarius!  Now this set has a few requirements to properly pull off.  First off, one has to roll either a Human or Worgen male, Death Knight . Secondly, you must be in a position to get some Tier 11 gear.  There are some BOE Trash drops that match some of the DK tier pieces, but sadly at this time, there are no BOE or non-DK pieces that match the hand slot items.

Disclaimer. I bear no responsibility whatsoever should one very cranky, very powerful black dragon; corpse camp you for infringing upon his style (The Black Dragonflight does not strike me as the sort of organization that appreciates flattery through imitation...)

Lord Victor Nefarius

Crown of Destruction, Drop: Ragnaros, Molten Core
Circle of Flame, Drop: Ambassador Flamelash: Molten Core

Magma Plated Pauldrons, Death Knight Tier 11
Heaving Plates of Protection, BOE: Trash Drop, Bastion of Twilight

Magma Plated Battleplate, Death Knight Tier 11
Icebone Hauberk, BOE: World Drop

Gloves (bracers do not show with this set)
Magma Plated Gauntlets, Death Knight Tier 11

Belt of the Ferocious Wolf, Reputation Reward, Guardians of Hyjal: Exalted

Magma Plated Legguards, Death Knight Tier 11
Legguards of the Unseeing, Raid Drop: Atramedes, Black Wing Descent

Treads of Savage Beatings  (no blizzard armory link, wowhead link instead  )
Molten Tantrum Boots Raid Drop,  Magmaw, Blackwing Descent